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Art collaboration with Pat Oleszko: Atlantic Center for the Arts #148

Darwin's Nightmare

Performance Art collaboration & participation created from the imagination of Pat Oleszko. Darwin’s Nightmare was a vision of the endangered species Astronauts and Sea Turtles… and the eventual transformation / mutation of both to survive the environment.  My contributions were astronaut helmet design, multiple kites, windsocks, and dance on the beach.
Fellow Artists: Jaime Bird, Maria del Carmen Cachin, Nicole Fall, Paula Gillen, Jessica D Levine, Oscar Peters, Adriana Rojas Pretel
Final video and photos of the performance piece will be posted on

​Sparky, the Transparent Juvenile Roundbelly Cowfish

Art Installation. Inflateable

​Sparky will be a beacon of impending transformation of Herring Cove and welcomes all to enjoy the shore. Nearly transparent, one can almost see the story of what of the diminutive cowfish had for dinner and how it gave him indigestion.
10'x12'x20' White Ripstop Nylon Inflateable, LED CPU fans, industrial floor fan, and bamboo.

     *10 Days of Art Festival;  Provincetown MA       Sept - Oct 2012

     *Figment Art Festival; Govenors Island, NYC     June 2012

      * Lola's Cafe; Brooklyn, NY           Oct 2012

    * 3-Ward Inflateable Show           March 2011

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